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I am writing to you with the intencion of taking chanse to present my team - Atelier "JOVAN". Atelier "JOVAN" perfoming complete restoration and conservation treatmant of furniture, including: Cabinet - making and carpentry works, finishing with shellac, varnish, oil and wax, French polish, upholstering, treatmant of gilt objects. We also making "hand made" replicas taking original pieces as a model.
Now I would like present my short curiculum vitaes:
Prof. Zvonko Petkovic - Director of the team was born in Krusevac - Yugoslavia in 1960. In the 1989. he finished Faculty of Applied Arts - University of Arts in Belgrade with major: Construction and Design of Furniture. Shortly after, he finished Conservation of Wood and Metal courses at the National Museum in belgrade granting him with title of Conservator. By the end of year he taking place at the Museum Of Applied Arts in Belgrade, as conservator for furniture.
In the 1991. Prof. Petkovic opens membership in the IIC - International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic works in London.
In the 1994. Prof. Petkovic becomes a member of ULUPUDS - Society of Applied Artists and Designers. Society is the only one of this kind in the Balkans and one of very important and respected in Europe. In the same year ULUPDS approves him to form Atelier JOVAN. Until now Atelier JOVAN is only approved atelier in Yugoslavia.
In the 1995. Prof. Petkovic starts career as a Professor at the Faculty of Applied Arts - University of Arts in Belgrade and in 1998. he takes professorship at the department of Interior Architecture dealing with subject: Stiles in Architecture. The subject aim is research of interior design stiles and furniture stiles, as a part of it, trough the time.
From large opus of Prof. Petkovic and Atelier JOVAN works I would like to distinguis:
1991.-1992. Complete conservation - restoration treatmant of furniture in Residence of Dynasty Karadordevic in Belgrade, and making complete catalog of ufrniture for the first time from 1944.
1992.-1994. Conservation - Restoration treatment of furniture and treatment of interior of Residence - Vladicanski Dvor in Vrsac.
1998.-1998. Complete conservation - restoration treatment of furniture in Vila of dinasty Obrenovic in Smederevo.
1998. Complete conservation - restoration treatment of furniture colection of National Museum in Leskovac.
All of this numerous work are documented in the archivs of atelier, from which is derived our portofolio.
Prof. Petkovic as well as a Atelier JOVAN is awarded with grate number of recommendations from weary respected institutions and persons in the fild of architecture, history of art and conservation - restoration.
If you would like to establish any kind of cooperation or contact with our team please contact us, and our portofolio will be at your complete disposal.

Yours sincerely,
Prof. Zvonko Petkovic